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Shaping the microcultures of our workplaces

Author: Greg Cook

Group Relations Conferences are a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves, our work teams and organisations - how we all react, interact and shape the microcultures of our workplaces.

These patterns of interaction make up our daily work-life and are often taken for granted and unexamined, but they shape everyone’s contributions, effectiveness and satisfaction. We may well have experienced a hard-working, happy and productive team. We remember these teams forever. We have also probably had the experience of a team that doesn’t work or of an organisational culture gone stale … or worse. These various ‘group relations’ are a complex but inescapable fundamental of work-life.

Building more effective teams and organisations is a primary aim of leadership. Managing ourselves within the group and helping to build group effectiveness is an essential part of our leadership role. How we do this is shaped by our own leadership character – how our usual style is perceived and responded to by others, how we are influenced by and respond to them, how these mutual interpersonal and group processes shape the work of the teams we are in.

These processes are hard to observe and understand, but the group relations methodology is a very powerful way to increase our understanding

The history of now: creating meaning (in the present moment).

28 November - 2 December 2022. In person, in Melbourne Australia.

We hope you can join us in this opportunity to deepen your learning about groups.

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