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About this conference

The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity to learn about how we (individually and collectively) make sense of our present experience, and how this informs our understanding of leadership and authority.

Conference staff and members will work on the primary task of the conference, the opportunity to study how we make sense of our experience, and what this means for leading, relating and managing.

Learning from experience

Our present moment invites two ways to learn from experience: reflection on past experience; and, working with the experience in the here and now.

Reflection is a key leadership skill; a practice of learning from past experience to inform future experience. However, looking into the past can sometimes be used as a way of avoiding what is happening in the present moment. Reflection on its own is not enough, we must also develop the capacity to work in the
here and now. This means to be aware of what is happening, to question our assumptions, to seek new perspectives, to make new meaning.

As well as opportunities for reflection, a group relations conference uses a here and now learning approach to create a container which mirrors the social context and enables individuals to see how their behaviour in the learning environment mirrors their behaviour in organisations.

Business Lunch
Book Club

Benefits of attending

You will work with world-renowned and highly experienced staff and peers who will provide feedback on their experience of you, in real time. You will:

  • learn about conscious and unconscious factors that influence your behaviour

  • develop a deeper understanding of how, in the moment, acts of leading, relating and managing impact on and are impacted by group dynamics

  • be supported to reflect on and make sense of your experience and encouraged to risk new ways of behaving within a safe learning environment

  • gain knowledge about how the actions/risks you take in the conference can be transferred to an organisational setting.


The conference will enable you to learn about yourself, how you respond to situations, how this informs the decisions and actions you take. We hope you can join us in this opportunity to explore the history of now, creating meaning (in the present moment).

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